Sunday, May 27, 2012

Video from 1981 Clog College Uploaded to YouTube

I have uploaded some new clogging videos to YouTube. These videos are taken from footage I filmed at the 1981 Clog College at Fontana Dam Village and are of historical interest because that was the time when major changes were afoot that would bring about the era of modern clogging. Probably the first all-female clogging team was the Moonshine Cloggers. Until that time, most clogging teams were gender balanced. In 1981, the "syncopated step" was being taught as something that enhanced the dance and was being encouraged to be incorporated if you wanted to have a better routine. This step was done a cappella because it did not go with the music and represented a major departure from the rules of traditional clogging. Probably most significant was the emergence of Burton Edwards in 1980. He presented a new basic step that differed from what everyone else was doing, and he was present at the 1981 Clog College demonstrating his step, although not teaching it at that point. Sammy Simpson, one of the judges at the World Championship, gave a lengthy workshop session that seemed to embrace some of what Burton was doing, but more or less tried to define traditional clogging. Here are the URLs.

Moonshine Cloggers

Carolina Cut-Ups, featuring Burton Edwards

Burton Edwards in a duet routine

Sammy Simpson

Mike Cassidy of Kentucky

Syncopated step instruction

A Team from Kentucky

A Duet (I think from Georgia)

Men open dancing

Women open dancing

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